Evaluation – We design and manage program evaluation plans for clients as they implement federal, state,
and privately-funded grant programs. We assist clients with developing comprehensive plans and metrics
to effectively monitor the performance of multiple units throughout their organization.

Data Analysis – Our clients need to report back to their founders, and other key stakeholders, the impact of
their investment. We assist clients in interpreting results and developing program evaluation reports. We
develop actionable reports to provide formative and summative feedback. We discuss the implications
related to staff, implementation, target population, and other key indicators to continued success.

Data Visualization – The presentation of data or data analysis results in a pictorial or graphical format is
essential to transparency and growth of any organization. Statistical results related to our clients’
organization’s efforts are made more comprehensible so that effective action can be taken.

Needs Assessment – Involves a systematic process for identifying and addressing our clients’ needs, or
“gaps” between their current and desired conditions. It is used to determine how best to allocate resources
and lead to action that improves organizational efforts.

Instrumentation and Systems – We assists clients with developing the most appropriate and reliable tools
and systems to effectively collect and maintain the data. We consider the organization’s current and
ongoing capacity to manage the collection of data.